Influencer Marketing Trends In 2020

Date 28-May-2020

Influencer marketing proved to be beneficial for many brands last year. The brand’s reach got bigger and better in 2019, all thanks to Influencer Marketing.


Apart from just increasing brand awareness, Influencer Marketing was used for social awareness campaigns. Nissan leveraged the influencers in a perfect way, where they onboarded influencers to highlight the driving problems individuals face in their city. It was a successful campaign as they not only onboarded influencers, but they also onboarded celebrities like Rannvijay Singha, Aditya Bal and Kusha Kapila.



The Nissan Social awareness campaign was executed by one of the best influencer marketing company in India Buzzone. Influencers can easily sign-up on Buzzone platform by clicking here.


There’s no doubt that Influencer Marketing will also boom in the year 2020; the only difference can be how it will be used. With the coming of new social media platforms, Influencer Marketing is going to flourish. 


Here are a few of the trends that will be happening this year in Influencer Marketing.

Niche based influencer campaigns


Usually, brands used to onboard multiple categories influencers for their product-based campaigns. Let’s say the product is in the fitness category, so brands would onboard obviously the fitness influencers but, apart from that they also used to onboard influencers from lifestyle, fashion etc. category. The communication by the influencers of these genres would be somewhat different from fitness influencers, but there would be some integration of the product.


It is a drawback. Why? Here it is, people follow a fashion influencer for fashion-related posts, right? But when that influencer suddenly out of nowhere posts about fitness, then the audience wouldn’t engage much as they are mostly people interested in fashion. This same logic applies to other categories as well.


So, in 2020, one minor change would be that brands would go by the niche of an influencer to promote their products.